Compass 150cc Classic

The Compass 150 CC escapes from the cruisers of the high-speed boat thanks to the modern design and the modern way of construction.
At the same time it maintains an extremely spacious deck that allows not only fishing but also the comfortable sea ride of a family of five.

Renting a boat is a fantastic experience, especially in a beautiful place like in Agia Pelagia. Our boats are designed for families and groups of all ages (maximum 5 persons), and perfectly suited for picnics in the sea, fishing, snorkelling, swimming and sightseeing whatever takes your fancy really, because you’ll be the captain


  • Free Instructions
  • Map and GPS tracker
  • Suntent
  • Lifejacket
  • Anker


  • Waterproof camera/video
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Icecube
  • Bed or Table (Sundeck)

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